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What You Can Buy for $350,000 in Southern Pines

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The market here in Southern Pines is still moving quickly even as summer winds down. This is due in part to low inventory, meaning there just are not that many homes for sale – especially in the downtown area. So if you have been considering listing your home for sale, it’s a great time to do it and Dan and I are here to help so call (910) 684-3146 or email

If you know that you want to live in Southern Pines, let’s take a look at what’s on the market at the $350,000 price point.

Ranch-style homes are certainly dominating the field right now and all four of these homes need different levels of updating from TLC to overhaul. So if you’re ready to put your stamp on something, these next four are for you.


455 South Ridge Street


495 South Ridge Street

705 South Ridge Street


1215 East Indiana Avenue

And if you’re just not in to renovation, there’s this new craftsman cottage popping up. Once it’s finished add a window box and move the furniture right in.

630 West Maine

Want to go take a look at any of these properties? Let’s Talk, (910) 684-3146


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